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In this section we tried to answer the most topical questions, if you haven't found an answer to your question, please contact us.

For restaurants

In order to start working in MixCart right now, you need to do several simple questions. Sign in, please, load products catalogues of your suppliers and invite then into MixCart by one click. You can also choose a new supplier. Since now, you can make all your purchases in MixCart.
It is very simple. Go to "My suppliers", click "invite supplier" and enter contact data from your supplier. Your invitation will come to the email of your supplier. If the supplier has not been registered when you sent him an invitation, he will be registered automatically.
Yes, of course! You can set limit per month for purchase. When the limit is reached, MixCart will inform you. Further purchases will be available only after limit extension or cancellation of the function.
Yes, one restaurant can have one or several purchasers. For example, you can divide purchase of products and drinks.
If several suppliers participate in one order at the same time and at that some of them have minimum order quantity less than the total amount of the order, MixCart will inform you and suggest a sum you need to increase your order to achieve minimal quantity.
If the order has not been delivered by the fault of the supplier, you can give supplier negative rating and leave honest feedback about his work and this incident.
The same thing that you always do. You can reject the whole order or accept it partially. At that, you can give a rating to the supplier's work and give a feedback.
Yes, in order to repeat any of the previous orders go to "Orders History", choose the required order and send it to the supplier again. You can also add order or delete part of the ordered products.
We guarantee the highest security level for storage of your personal data. Moreover, on your request, we will delete all data on your transactions and order history.
No, you cannot. All financial relations are beyond MixCart. This is only between supplier and restaurant.
If you just opened a restaurant and you did not find a supplier you can easily find an appropriate supplier here. Go to Market place and select appropriate suppliers.
Go to "Analytics" and choose the required information. You can filter data as per purchasers, days, months, suppliers and ordered products.
Go to "My suppliers" and choose "Add a Supplier" in the menu, load the available catalogue of the supplier. The Supplier will receive notification and confirm that this catalogue and prices are pursuant to agreed data.
Yes, of course! In your account you can add several purchasers, each of them will be related to one or another restaurant. Besides, you can look through the analytics of each purchaser (restaurant) individually or view all managers together.
In the nearest future, we will develop data integration tool with the popular software on restaurant management.

For suppliers

Sign in, please, go to "My catalogues" and create your first catalogue, then go to "My customers" and enter contact data of your customers and invite them into the system.
Posting your catalogues of products turn a visualization on Market place. Your prospective customers can see your products and make orders.
Go to "My customers" and invite your customer in system MixCart. Then you can regulate your prices for one or another customer in "My catalogues".
Surely! For this purpose, we developed function enabling management of order processing executing by different managers. Moreover, each manager can be connected to definite customers. You can see turnover of your customers and obtain information about the turnover reduction of any of your customer and react in time.
On completion of registration, go to "Settings", fill in information about you and your company, product shipment days, choose regions for delivery.
In the section "My catalogues" you can create any number of different catalogues. You can create catalogues according to any rules, reduce or increase the prices, make them fixed or connected to percentages.
In case of the unfaithfulness of your customer, we recommend to give such customer the relative rating and leave a feedback.
Yes, you can show part of your products in the Market place or hide some. To hide products from the Market place please go to "My catalogues" and enter basic catalogue and press "edit" and hide the required products. The hidden products will be displayed for the returning customers but new customers who come to the Market place may not see them.
We guarantee the highest security level for storage of your personal data. Moreover, on your request, we will delete all data on your transactions and order history.
You can do it in the section "My catalogues" by opening basic catalogue. Hide prices for definite or all products. At that, your returning customers can see your prices. But keep in mind that suppliers with accessible prices look more attractive for new customers.
Go to "Analytics". Here you can see analytics as per definite customer, supplied products or your managers. In such a way operation dynamics of your managers and customers will be transparent to you.
No, at the moment.
Yes. In case that you deliver to several regions of RF, specify it in the Settings. In such a way customers from regions specified in the settings can see your products.
In the nearest future, we will develop data integration tool with 1C and data exchange through API.

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