How does it work

MixCart is a tool for automation of cooperation process between supplier and restaurant. The restaurants create orders making several clicks. The suppliers obtain and process orders. The orders are processed in one place. A human mistake factor is brought down to a minimum. MixCart reduces the time required for order processing in several times. It decreases the number of returns and mistakes.

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  • Pavel Kravchenko

    Pavel Kravchenko

    Manager: Voniteka

    “I express my gratitude to MixCart for making our work much more easier. I recommend”

  • Khristo Dechev

    Khristo Dechev

    Co-owner: Black Smith, Garazh, Shayka Leyka, Azia club

    “I own some establishments. At first, we implemented MixCart in Garazh and then in the rest. It works, we use it and wish your success in company development.”

  • Roman Kudritsky

    Roman Kudritsky

    Director: Soroka, MOS

    “I'm a director of two major restaurants. The high level of services and performance optimization are highly important for us. MixCart offers solution for full range of matters related to purchases. This provides transparency and efficiency.”

  • Roman Kucha

    Roman Kucha

    Founder: Brookwin

    “My restaurant is in Anapa and I'm in Moscow and now I see how procurements are going on, who purchases and where. I support advanced tools of work and MixCart solves my tasks.”


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